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Letter from Laur Hesse Fisher, Climate CoLab Project Manager


Dear Climate CoLab community,

As of July 2nd, I’ll be leaving Climate CoLab and joining a different team at the institute, the MIT Environmental Solutions Initiative, to expand MIT’s public engagement on climate change, including the extension of the ClimateX Science & Action web platform. Annalyn Bachmann, who has been our part-time Project Assistant for the last three years, will be expanding her role to lead Climate CoLab’s partner coordination and contest management, and you’ll hearing much more from her.

It’s truly been a rewarding experience to support and grow Climate CoLab, which has evolved into something much more than a research project on collective intelligence. Over the last five years, I’ve seen the project skyrocket from 5,000 to over 100,000 members, award 150 winning proposals and seen many of them flourish, launch over 100 contests, connect with climate leaders at UN climate change conferences (COP), and engage with over 800 experts and young professionals who participated as contest Advisors, Judges and Fellows.

Working on climate change can be a daunting task. But what brings me hope and light is all of you: the hundreds of thousands of people across our beautiful planet who are passionate, dedicated, and active in doing something about it.

Thank you for your spirit, your creativity, and your drive.

And please stay connected to Climate CoLab and climate work. The world needs you!

All the best,

Laur Hesse Fisher