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Climate CoLab & ClimateX: A New Partnership


We’re excited to announce a new collaboration between Climate CoLab and ClimateX a member of our wider climate family here at MIT.

ClimateX is an online community with the goal to serve as a place for people to learn about the many aspects of climate change, connect with one another and collaborate on climate action, research and ideas.

By collaborating with ClimateX, we hope to create more opportunities for our community to learn more about climate change and discover new ways to work together. By doing so, we want to strengthen our existing community of climate scientists, activists, policymakers and concerned citizens, and empower them to solve the problem of climate change.  

The first step in our partnership has been to develop collaborative community guidelines, which outlines our goals for community interactions on Climate CoLab and ClimateX. You can view our new Terms of Use here:

Additionally, if you’re already a member on either Climate CoLab or ClimateX, you can now use your credentials to sign in to both sites, using our single sign on option.

If you have any questions or you’d like to learn more about our exciting new partnership with ClimateX, you can email us at