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New Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency contest


We are delighted to announce that Horizon18 — a global solutions conference and platform for the clean energy economy — has launched a contest on Climate CoLab.

This contest will bring together our diverse communities of startups and innovators, academic experts and researchers, investors, major companies, policymakers, and non-profits to explore sustainable solutions to climate change, and the full potential of Massachusetts’s extensive, international network of stakeholders in the clean economy.

Climate CoLab and Horizon18 launched the new contest at the Ceres Conference 2018 in Boston to drive innovation and solutions that target commercial and industrial energy efficiency.

Climate CoLab’s collaboration with Horizon18 will surface innovative solutions and important best practices for helping businesses around the world address climate change. By harnessing the collective intelligence of people in the corporate world – but also scientists, policymakers, students, and many others – we hope Climate CoLab can help build and gain momentum for more effective climate action than would have otherwise been developed.

– Professor Thomas W. Malone,
Director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence and founder of Climate CoLab

New contest now open for proposals

What innovative solutions can help improve energy efficiency across a range of corporate facilities?

The Commercial and Industrial Energy Efficiency contest is looking for specific proposals from the business sector to target deep energy efficiency initiatives in one or more major buildings. These projects will ideally combine deep reductions in GHG emissions from electricity, thermal and process energy, while also leading to a more cost-effective and sustainable facility. This contest is also seeking contributions from Climate CoLab and the Horizon18 communities to help refine and develop these proposals. The global community is invited to submit proposals until May 27, 2018 for the opportunity to receive feedback from expert Judges, before the final deadline of July 1, 2018. 

Winning projects and the most important contributions to those projects will be selected by the Horizon18 organizers for inclusion and presentation at the Horizon18 Clean Economy Solutions Summit in Boston, US on October 10-11, 2018.

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