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Finalists announced! Voting now open!



MIT Climate CoLab is excited to announce 37 from seven innovative sector specific contests. Earlier this fall, expert Judges evaluated the nearly 300 proposals submitted to the platform, and selected 95 proposals to advance as Semi-Finalists. Semi-Finalists then had the opportunity to revise their proposals prior to a second evaluation. These 37 Finalists were identified as the most promising by the Judging panels. We commend them for their strong work and accomplishments!

In addition, we extend our deep thanks to the volunteer Judges, Advisors, Fellows, and Catalysts who contributed their time to encouraging, evaluating, and providing feedback to proposal authors.

Public Voting Period Now Open!

Today, we announce the start of the Public Voting Period, which runs from now until January 15, 2018 at 11:59:59 PM EST. During this time, anyone from around the globe is invited to cast their vote for their favorite proposals!

The proposal with the greatest number of votes, within each contest, will be named as the Popular Choice Winner. Popular Choice Winners, along with the Judges’ Choice Winners (Judges’ top proposal in each contest), will receive wide recognition from MIT Climate CoLab, be invited to present at MIT, and be eligible for a $10,000 Grand Prize to be given to only one Winner from across the contests.

To vote:

  1. Sign up or login to the Climate CoLab website;
  2. Click one of the Finalists’ proposals to read their work; and
  3. Select the “Vote for proposal” button on the proposal page.

You are given seven votes — one per contest — and may change your vote as many times as you wish until the deadline.  “Supports” do not become “Votes”, so please make sure you vote for one proposal if you have supported multiple in a contest. All voting is subject to the Climate CoLab’s voting rules.

Vote now!

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