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Get to know the 2017 Fellows & Catalysts!


This year, over 100 volunteers across the globe are joining us as Climate CoLab Fellows and Catalysts. Both groups play an integral role in our community and the contest process.

Proposals authors will see notices from Fellows about the evaluation process, and you may have already seen Catalysts commenting on your proposals — take a moment to get to know who this year’s volunteers are and the roles that they play on Climate CoLab.


Fellows are experienced students and professionals from around the world who coordinate the evaluation process, conduct proposal impact assessments, and grow our online community. Fellows join us from organizations ranging from the World Bank Group to Harvard Kennedy School, and are eager to find new, creative solutions to global climate change.

Contest specific Fellow Teams can be viewed on a contest’s homepage.

Learn more about the Fellow role, and see all 2017 Fellows.


Catalysts are professionals from around the world who commit to providing constructive feedback to proposal authors. They may suggest relevant articles, initiatives, or ways that authors could improve their proposals. These members are excited about contributing to proposals and help make Climate CoLab a vibrant place to develop global work on climate change.

Learn more about the Catalyst role, and see all the 2017 Catalysts.


Please join us in thanking them for all their work coordinating contest activities and enhancing our community!