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2016 In Review & Welcome to 2017



As we reflect back on all we have accomplished in 2016– and look forward to what lies ahead in 2017– we are thankful for all of the time, hard work, innovative thinking, and dedication of those that make the Climate CoLab possible: our funders, collaborating organizations, Advisors, Judges, Fellows, Catalysts & other volunteers, and, not least, the nearly 80,000 members worldwide helping co-create the Climate CoLab community.

We are proud to have your support in expanding support for collective intelligence approaches to addressing climate change, and are excited for what’s in store to come. We look forward to continuing to grow the community in 2017!

2016 by the Numbers

  • 17 contests were run on the platform
  • 579 proposals were submitted– more than ever before
  • 173 were selected as Semi-Finalists, 69 as Finalists, and 27 as Judges’ Choice and/or Popular Choice Winners
  • 112 experts served as contest Advisors & Judges
  • 96 graduate students and young professionals served as contest Fellows & Catalysts
  • 9 graduate students served as Impact Assessment Fellows
  • Climate CoLab now surpasses over 78,600 members, with over 28,532 new members joining in 2016
  • A record 17,649 votes were cast
  • Several contests were run with collaborating organizations, including the UN Secretary-General’s Climate Resilience Initiative, MIT’s Solve, City of Boulder Colorado, Kendall Square Eco-District, & many more.
  • Over 200 people attended the 2016 Crowds & Climate conference on the MIT campus in September 2016

Contests and workspaces open!

The Climate CoLab team is currently working with partners to design new contests for 2017.

In the meantime, we have 2 open contests, and 8 open workspaces currently, where members are invited to submit and work on proposals on key aspects of the climate change problem. Try out new ideas, connect with other members, recruit collaborators, share your work, engage support, and invite a global community to review and help develop your proposal.

All proposals submitted now will be considered when new contests launch, and contributors will be notified so they can review the official contest descriptions, prizes, and timelines, and submit to contest(s) of their choosing.