Community News

Improvements to the Climate CoLab platform


Over the past few years, the Climate CoLab community has grown immensely, from a nascent community of only a few thousand, to the robust global network of nearly 80,000 members it is today. In responding to the needs and feedback of this global community, over the last several months Climate CoLab has undertaken a significant transformation of the back-end of its platform to improve its services. In doing this, we are completing a transition from the underlying Liferay portal software that underpinned the platform to a new custom-built solution designed to better support the unique needs of the membership.

This transition is a major step forward for the platform — and for our community — as it will improve both the scalability, reach, and performance of the site, as well as lay the groundwork for future advancements.

Climate CoLab is currently amid the end-stages of this transition. During this time, you may temporarily encounter more errors than typical on the platform, though our software development team is working hard to ensure that the process is streamlined and efficient for end-users.

We thank you for your patience as we work to improve the platform and kindly ask for your assistance in reporting any issues you may experience during use of our site, either through the online error reporting or by emailing We also thank the software development team who is working hard to conduct this transition to support our community!