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MIT CCI Celebrates 10 year anniversary


Yesterday, we celebrated the ten year anniversary of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence (CCI), the institutional home of Climate CoLab.

Based out of MIT’s Sloan School of Management, CCI brings together faculty and researchers across MIT to analyze how people and computers can support large-scale problem-solving. For ten years, it has been at the forefront of collective intelligence research and how we can use this research to solve some of the globe’s biggest problems.

Climate CoLab Founder Thomas Malone discusses Climate CoLab at the event

Climate CoLab, which aims to harness collective intelligence to find solutions for climate change, is but one of the research projects being conducted at CCI.  Our researchers are studying what makes groups smart, how online teams (like League of Legends gamers) can best perform, how combining human and machine intelligence can make better predictions, and more.

Director of CCI, Thomas Malone, noted during Climate CoLab’s signature Crowds & Climate conference this past year, “It’s now possible to harness the collective intelligence of thousands of people, all over the world, at a scale, and with a degree of collaboration, that was never possible before in human history.”

At the 10th Anniversary, researchers highlighted some of CCI’s most
recent research, and looked ahead to avenues yet to be explored.

Join us in celebrating this ground-breaking research, and looking forward to the next ten years of collective intelligence.

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