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Joint Contests Now Open on Solve CoLab!


Climate CoLab is excited to announce the launch of Solve CoLab, an online community platform for Solve — a live meeting series and online community whose mission is to discover, evaluate, and advance solutions to global problems, including education, innovation, healthcare, and fuel.

Solve CoLab and Climate CoLab are running two joint contests on climate change, and it’s easy for Climate CoLab members to participate. 


What is Solve CoLab?

Developed as a collaboration between Solve and the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, Solve CoLab works as a forum for members to collaborate and submit solutions to Challenges where technology, business innovation, and smart policy can be combined to bring about real and lasting solutions. The Challenges fall under four pillars:

  Learn: Provide quality education to anyone with the will to learn, anywhere.


  Cure: Leverage innovations and research to make healthcare affordable and universally   available.

  Fuel: Double energy and food production and halve carbon output.


  Make: Provide the infrastructure and economic opportunity to support the earth’s          nearly 8 billion people.


Much like Climate CoLab, Solve CoLab helps an important network form between different organizations, groups, or individuals looking to solve some of the world’s largest problems.

Joint Contests 

Climate CoLab and Solve CoLab have launched joint contests addressing two technology-focused climate change challenges.  Climate CoLab members can now register for Solve CoLab using their Climate CoLab account and submit solutions on the platform until August 15, 2016.



Solve challenge semi-finalists will be invited to present their solutions at pitch sessions at the MIT Media Lab and the MIT Samberg Center during Solve@HUBweek

Members of the Solve CoLab community can additionally vote for their favorite solution in each challenge. The top vote-getter in each challenge will be awarded as a Popular Choice finalist, and they will be announced along with the Judges’ Choice finalists at the event. Finalists will progress along the Solve journey, with winners selected at the spring 2017 Solve event at MIT.  For more information, visit the Solve CoLab website.

Start collaborating! 

There are currently four Solve CoLab challenges live and accepting solutions, including two run in collaboration with the Climate CoLab. Work with other Climate CoLab and Solve CoLab community members, submit your own idea, or view other innovative solutions today!