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Semi-Finalists announced in over a dozen contests!


Over the past few months, over 400 proposals on how to address climate change were submitted to the Climate CoLab. Many were novel, inspiring, and innovative, and all offered a multitude of perspectives on how to address this most challenging of issues.

The MIT Climate CoLab wishes to thank all of the proposal authors who created them, the expert Advisors and Judges who reviewed them and provided guidance in shaping the contests, and volunteer contest Fellows & Catalysts for their feedback and inputs into the process. In addition, we’d like to thank all Climate CoLab community members who engaged with these proposals, commented on or supported them, and who were also vital in this process.

We are proud to announce this latest cohort of contest Semi-Finalists for over a dozen contests. These proposals were reviewed in detail by our expert panel of Judges, and offered feedback by Judges, Fellows, Catalysts, and the public alike. Please join us in congratulating our current Semi-Finalists, and all proposal authors who submitted their ideas.

Who are the Semi-Finalists?

To learn more about the current Semi-Finalists, please visit the contest homepages using the links below.

What happens next?

Proposal Revision Period Open Now until June 15, 23:59 EDT 

The Semi-Finalist proposal authors will now have until June 15, 2016 at 23:59 EDT to revise their work. On June 16, all proposals will be locked for editing and considered final. We encourage the Climate CoLab community to support the Semi-Finalists by making suggestions on their comment page during the revision period!

Finalist Selection Period from June 16 – 28 

After the proposal revision period, we will hold another round of evaluations between June 16 -28, to select the contest’s Finalists. From among the Finalists, Judges will select their favorites, called Judges’ Choice Award winners.

Public Voting Period from July 5 – 31 

Finalists’ proposals will be opened to a public vote, to determine the Popular Choice winners. This Public Voting Period will be open from July 5 – 31, during which all are invited to vote for their favorites. In the meantime, the public can comment on, or “support” proposals (which is akin to a “like” on Facebook) throughout the judging periods.

Where did all the other proposals go?

Contests have now entered the “Proposal Revisions” phase, which only displays the Semi-Finalists selected to advance to the next round. To view all submitted proposals, click the “Semi-Finalist selection” phase at the top of the contest homepage. If your proposal was not selected as a Semi-Finalist, but you would like to continue working on it, please visit our new contest workspaces for a forum to continue developing your proposal and to find new collaborators.

Miss the contest deadline?

No problem. You can still work on and enter proposals outside the contest periods, by using our Proposal Workspaces. We recently launched some new proposal workspaces, so feel encouraged to work on your ideas there. Then, when the next round of Climate CoLab contests open, you’ll be able to move your proposal(s) into the relevant contest(s).