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MIT Climate CoLab featured in MIT’s Campaign for a Better World


The MIT Climate CoLab is proud to be featured in MIT’s Campaign for a Better World, announced by MIT President L. Rafael Reif earlier this month. The Better World Campaign, launched on May 6, is a  major initiative to advance the Institute’s work on some of the world’s largest challenges, including education, scientific research, innovation, human health, and the health of the planet. “Humanity faces urgent challenges — challenges whose solutions depend on marrying advanced technical and scientific capabilities with a deep understanding of the world’s political, cultural, and economic complexities,” Reif said, in announcing the campaign.

The Climate CoLab’s efforts at harnessing the power of collective intelligence from all across the world is prominently featured within the Better World Campaign’s “Health of the Planet” pillar, which also includes our Climate Hackathon, co-hosted earlier this year, with MIT’s Environmental Solutions Initiative.

You can learn more about the Better World Campaign at its homepage,, via the MIT News article on the launch, or, by following the hashtag #MITBetterWorld.

Happy CoLaborating toward a better world!