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14 Contests Enter Semi-Finalist Selections


14 Climate CoLab contests with over 400 proposals on what to do about climate change came to a close on the platform today, May 23, at 8 p.m. EDT.

See them all on the contest homepage:

What’s next?

Contest Fellows and Judges are now carefully reviewing all of the proposals to select Semi-Finalists, to be announced in early June. Semi-Finalists will receive feedback from Fellows and Judges, and have a chance to revise their work before the next round of evaluations- the finalist selection process from June 16 – 28.

Proposals selected to advance from that second round of evaluations are named Finalists. 

From among the Finalists, Judges select their favorites, called Judges’ Choice Award winners. Additionally, Finalists’ proposals will be opened to a public vote, to determine the Popular Choice Awards.

The Public Voting Period will be open from July 5 – 31, during which everyone is invited to vote for their favorites.

In the meantime, the public can comment on or “support” proposals (which is akin to a “like” on Facebook) throughout the judging periods.

How Can You Get Involved?

Be sure to become a member to get updates on, and participate in each of these phases! 

Miss the contest deadline? 

No problem. You can still work on and enter proposals outside the contest periods, by using our Proposal Workspaces. We’ll be launching some new Proposal Workspaces soon… so stay tuned to the site for more updates!

Then, when the next round of Climate CoLab contests open, you’ll be able to move your proposal(s) into the relevant contest(s).

Have an interesting idea for a new contest?

You can also submit your ideas for new contests we could hold, through our Contest Suggestions page