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Global Contest Winners Announced 2015


Can crowdsourcing help build effective global climate strategies?
As part of a pilot project to answer this question, the Climate CoLab ran a series of contests on how countries, regions and the world as a whole could act on climate change.  Over 100 proposals were submitted and evaluated by the Judges and Impact Assessment Fellows as a part of this initiative.
In the Global contest, Judges selected 12 Semi-Finalists, who had a chance to revise their proposals with the Judges’ feedback before entering a second round of evaluation.  Five proposals were selected as Finalists and were eligible for the Judges’ Choice award and Popular Choice award, which is determined by public voting.  In the month leading up to the United Nation’s international climate change conference in Paris, COP21, the Climate CoLab community grew to over 50,000 members and cast 584 votes to select the contest’s Popular Choice winner.
After much hard work from our volunteer Advisors, Judges, Fellows, Impact Assessment Fellows, and, of course, the proposal authors, we are proud to announce the Judges’ and Popular Choice winners of the Global Climate Action Plan contest.

Global Climate Action Plan Contest Winners 2015

Judges’ Choice Winner
Popular Choice Winner
Make Climate A Top Priority for Action by Every Global Citizen and Organization
by Mobilize Now
These provocative proposals suggest the potential for crowds to develop visionary and comprehensive strategies for how the world can address climate change.  And this is just the tip of the iceberg — the activity in this year’s global and regional contests is the beginning of what we believe will be possible in future integrated contests.
Please join us in congratulating the winners!

Over 200 Members Receive CoLab Points

The Judges awarded CoLab Points to each of the Finalists, which are distributed both to the authors of the winning plans, as well as the authors of all the sub-proposals the plans contained.
Nearly 230 Climate CoLab members contributed to these plans and so received a portion of 10,000 CoLab Points. The top point-getters* will be contacted so they can redeem a share of a $10,000 cash prize.  Points are displayed on the community members page and on every members’ profile.
Points Awarded to 2016 Global Plan Finalists, by the Judges:
*In 2015, Members are eligible for USD $40 for the first 20 Points they receive, and then USD $2/Point thereafter.  CoLab Points and Prizes distributed on an annual basis.  Authors of seed proposals are eligible for CoLab Points, but not cash prizes.