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Regional Finalists Announced


This year, the Climate CoLab launched an ambitious set of contests: ones that sought integrated strategies on how six key regions around the world could address climate change.

Our goal was to explore how people could take individual contributions (i.e. proposals) from across the Climate CoLab platform and combine them to form a larger, coherent set of actions.  And in doing so, the community could take some of the best ideas of what to do and generate new, fresh articulations of how regions as a whole could address climate change.

The contests received a wide diversity of strong ideas from many committed and talented people from around the world— including building a circular economy in India, growing a greener and more economically stable Greece, circumventing national politics in the US, improving ocean sequestration of CO2, and many more.

From these proposals, the Judges selected two Finalists who met the full criteria: selecting a combination of strong individual proposals, and combining them to articulate a broad, coherent, and feasible vision for what the region can do about climate change.

We are excited to announce the two Finalists below, who had submitted their proposals for the United States plan contest.  Public voting is now open to select the one you most want to see implemented!

Continue to develop your work!

We strongly encourage all others who entered any of the regional contests to continue to advance their ideas on the Climate CoLab by:

  • Re-submitting regional proposals into the regional workspace, where authors can continue to develop their ideas into more comprehensive regional proposals that could be included in proposals for the global contest;
  • Submit proposals that offer singular actions into the the Climate CoLab contests that will be announced this winter;
  • Working with other community members (such as authors of regional proposals) to create global plans for the Global contest that ends October 17, 2015.

Vote for the Top U.S. Plan

The public is now invited to cast a vote for the U.S. Plan they would most like to see implemented. The author with the most votes in each contest will win the contest’s Popular Choice award and, along with the Judges’ Choice winners, will be invited to attend select sessions at MIT’s SOLVE Conference and present their proposals before key constituents at the MIT Crowds & Climate conference on October 6.  Voting closes September 26 at 11:59:59 PM Eastern Time.

Voting is easy!

  1. Login to the Climate CoLab website
  2. Click one of the Finalists below to read their proposal
  3. Select the “Vote for proposal” button on the proposal page.

You must have a valid email address for your vote to be counted.  Read the complete voting rules.

Plan to build low-carbon cities from the ground up in the United States/  NewCityFounders
Low-carbon cities can be engineered and built today for livability, sustainability, resiliency, energy-efficiency and affordability

2020 Cities By 2020: America’s Mayors Taking Charge On Climate Change /  kathoh
Cities, not Congress, are leading the charge on climate change. Accelerate the movement to double the # cities onboard to 2020 by 2020.

UPDATE 9/27:  Voting has closed and winners will be announced at the Crowds & Climate conference.