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Semi-Finalists and Finalists Announced! Revision Period Begins


Semi-Finalists announced for 13 Climate CoLab contests

Over the last few months, more than 300 proposals were submitted to the Climate CoLab. Proposals were novel and inspiring, and they offered a multitude of new perspectives on how to address the challenges we face when confronting climate change.

Thank you to the bold proposal authors, the Catalysts and members who helped them develop their entries, the volunteer Fellows and Judges, and all other Climate CoLab community members who were vital to this process.

We are proud to announce the 95 Semi-Finalists for the contests below, as selected by the Judges to advance to the next round of review.

Revision Period Now Open!  The Semi-Finalist proposals have been unlocked, and authors have until the dates listed below to revise their proposals for the final round of judging and public voting. At midnight on that date, all proposals will be locked for editing and considered final. We encourage the Climate CoLab community to support the Semi-Finalists by making suggestions on their comment page during the revision period!

Semi-Finalists announced in the following contests:
(Revision deadline: Tuesday, July 14, 11:59 PM Eastern Time)

To view the Semi-Finalists, please visit the contest homepage using the links below.

U.S. Carbon Price
Energy-Water Nexus
Rural Resilience
Energy Solutions for Latin America
Urban Energy Efficiency
Energy Supply
Land Use: Agriculture, Forestry, Livestock
Waste Management
Shifting Attitudes & Behavior

The revision deadline for Atypical Ideas for Carbon Neutrality will be July 15, 2015 11:59 PM Eastern Time.


Finalists announced for Anticipating Climate Change in the Pamir Mountains contest!

What do they win?

Both Judges Choice and Popular Choice winners will be connected with people who can support the implementation of their proposal, which may include policy makers, business executives, NGO and foundation officials, scientists, and others.  They will be recognized and publicized by the MIT Climate CoLab and invited to be special guests at the Solve Conference held at MIT this fall from October 5th-6th, where a $10,000 Grand Prize will be awarded. They will also have the opportunity to present their proposals before key constituents in a workshop the next day.  (See Crowds & Climate 2014 Conference.) Some contests have additional prizes given by the contest sponsor.

Miss the contest deadline? 

You can still enter and work on proposals outside of the contest periods in the 2015 Proposal Workspace. When the next round of Climate CoLab contests open, you can move your proposal from here to any relevant contest.  You can also enter our Regional and Global contests, which are open until August 31, 2015.

Where did the other proposals go?

Contests have been advanced to the “Proposal revisions” phase, which only show the Semi-Finalist proposals.  To view all submitted proposals, click the “Semi-Finalist selection” phase at the top of the contest homepage.