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Winners will be special guests at exclusive MIT conference this October


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Climate CoLab Winners to be Special Guests at Solve

Climate CoLab winners will receive a special invitation to attend selected sessions at MIT’s Solve conference, free of charge.  At this gathering, many of the world’s leading technologists, philanthropists, business leaders, policy makers, and social change agents will be challenged to help solve the most difficult questions of our time.

The two-day event will be held at the MIT campus on October 5-6 and Climate CoLab winners will be invited to attend the opening plenary and present their proposals before key constituents in a workshop the next day.  A few select winners will join distinguished Solve attendees in a highly collaborative problem-solving session on Tuesday afternoon focused on environmental sustainability, food and water security, and clean energy.

From the Solve organizers:

Who Solve is for

To fully solve difficult problems, we will need a range of perspectives and experience. The Solve audience is carefully curated to be wildly diverse in almost every way. MIT will invite people who have the time, talents, knowledge, and resources needed to drive positive, impact-making solutions. Business and philanthropic thought leaders, global policy makers and regulators, academic and corporate researchers, entrepreneurs and innovators, and students will all have a place at Solve.

Why You Should Attend

Solve attendees are determined to make a positive difference in the world. You may be a researcher working on breakthrough technologies or a philanthropist supporting the work of social entrepreneurs. You may have the ability to affect policy discussions, or maybe you’re doing the gritty work in the field. You will come to Solve because you believe that progress on tough challenges happens faster and better when like-minded people work together for good. You will come to Solve because you know that problems aren’t solved by talking about them; they are solved by working on them.

Event Structure

Solve aspires to be much more than an event; it hopes to spark a movement that inspires people to work together to address difficult challenges. Solve is part conference, part think tank, part ideas festival, all supported by an emerging media platform that brings transparency and accountability to the work of its participants. Solve gathers as a community to initiate a process of exploration, identify workable solutions, and initiate projects to test those ideas. Through these means and others, Solve moves participants from inspiration to action and follows projects from experimentation to scalable implementation.

Goals of Solve

To place MIT at the center of a global network of social change agents who believe that difficult challenges can be overcome through creative applications of technology, business innovation, and smart policy.

To create a community of like-minded people who are committed to working together on difficult problems, in formats both traditional and unique, and wish to be accountable to one another for their commitments to creating change.

To annually consider 20 high-impact challenges in four fundamental areas: Fuel, Cure, Learn, Make. To make visible and measurable positive impact on problems of human significance. experimentation to scalable implementation.

To make visible and measurable positive impact on problems of human significance. experimentation to scalable implementation.

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