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Webinar: City of Cambridge’s contest on the Urban Heat Island Effect


Learn about the City of Cambridge’s contest on the Urban Heat Island Effect 

Webinar:  Tuesday, Dec. 16, 11:00 AM Eastern Time (4:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time)

The “urban heat island” effect is when an area within a city is significantly warmer than its surroundings.

Exacerbated by climate change, this phenomenon can result in increased energy use (especially for air conditioning) and negatively impact public health and air quality.

The City of Cambridge, Massachusetts is seeking projects, policies, and programs for how to mitigate the urban heat island effect and help their city better prepare for climate change.

Webinar with Jennifer Lawrence and Bronwyn Cooke from the City of Cambridge

What: Free Climate CoLab and City of Cambridge Google Hangout

When: Tuesday, December 16th, 11am – 12pm Eastern Time

Why: To learn more about the issues and ask questions of the contest organizers.

Google Hangout Link:


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