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Winner Spotlight: Municipal Adaptation Strategy


Sergio Molina and his colleagues in the UNA team strongly believe in the power of municipalities to make meaningful impact on the climate change front, and propose a participatory strategy for effective adaptation efforts in their Municipal Adaptation Strategy to Climate Change in Costa Rica submission in the Adaptation to Climate Change contest. While their winning project is focused on Santa Barbara de Heredia, Costa Rica, it is intended to serve as a model strategy that can be replicated elsewhere. In this project’s case, the emphasis is placed on the city’s high-risk sectors: agriculture and water resources.

“At the end of this project we expect to have an inter-institutional commission formed, organized, trained and empowered for decision-making and taking action to make this local territory more resilient to the effects of climate variability and change.  Beside the concerted climate strategy, we expect to create risk management plans at the district level and a technological application for early alerts.”

Here’s more from the team:

We are a committed team of researchers at the Department of Environmental Sciences at the National University of Costa Rica.  Developing our proposal and considering participating in the Climate CoLab was fundamental to integrate our unique expertise into one integrated and synergetic proposal. Crafting the proposal for the contest allowed us to more formally make such integration during the last four months.

An important aspect was the feedback received by the judges and other members of the Climate CoLab community– we are grateful for that.  As winners, we have had increased exposure to the project and have already been contacted to write a small scientific article in an American scientific magazine. I´m sure without participating in this initiative this wouldn´t be possible.

We think that collaborative work and feedback from multiple reviewers was important to make our proposal stronger. Climate CoLab offered this and global exposure to our ideas.

What are you most hoping to get out of the upcoming Climate CoLab conference?

First of all, connecting with enthusiastic people ready to make ideas a reality in order to fight climate change and adapt to it. Second, we hope to get additional feedback, and without a question, we are hoping our idea sounds appealing to funding organizations so that we can implement it in our proposed municipality and in many others around the country and the world.

What words of wisdom drive your work?

“Every personal effort is part of the solution; every team effort increases the solution.”

Check out the winning proposal here and meet the team at Climate CoLab’s Crowds & Climate Conference, Nov 6-7 at MIT!

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