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Finalists Selected – Vote to select Popular Choice Winners!


The Judges have reviewed and evaluated nearly 600 proposals that were submitted to the Climate CoLab during its 2014 round of contests, and selected 100 as Semi-Finalists.  The authors of these Semi-Finalist proposals were given the opportunity to revise their entries based on the feedback from the Judges and the community before undergoing a second round of judging to select 64 contest Finalists.

Today, we announce the 2014 round of Finalist proposals, and open the public voting period to select the Popular Choice Award winner in each contest.

The Judges, Advisors, Fellows and Climate CoLab staff would like to acknowledge all the Semi-Finalists — and all members who contributed to their work — for the thought, passion and commitment that went into their proposals and their revisions.  Thank you!

Submit your vote!

From September 3 until September 30, 2014, Climate CoLab members and the public are invited to cast their votes for the proposals in each contest that they would most like to see implemented.  The proposal with the most votes in each contest will win the Popular Choice Award, and, along with the Judges’ Choice winners, will be invited to showcase their work to key implementers at our Crowds and Climate Conference on November 5, 6 & 7 on the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, where a $10,000 Grand Prize will be given.

Voting is free and easy!

  1. Login to the Climate CoLab website
  2. Click one of the Finalists below to read their proposal & select the “Vote for proposal” button on the proposal page.


You are given one vote per contest, and may change your vote as many times as you wish until midnight Eastern Time on September 30, 2014.  Please note that “Supports” do not become “Votes” — make sure you vote for the proposals you supported.  To avoid spam, your Climate CoLab account must have a valid email address for the vote to be counted.  All voting is subject to the Climate CoLab’s Voting rules.

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Discuss, debate, select, and share your favorite proposals with the world.  Be a part of the conversation by including the Twitter and Facebook hashtag #climatevote in your posts and tag us @ClimateCoLab (our Facebook tag has a space between the two words: @Climate CoLab).  For more information and guidance about sharing proposals over social media, check out our Social Media Guide.

2014 Finalists

Finalists are also displayed on each contest homepage.  Click here to browse by contest.


Stop Groundwater Plan – Save $8 Billion /  Majdi & Manaugh

Systems thinking leads to a regional desalination plan to replace a narrowly conceived, costly and destructive groundwater pumping plan.

The Natural Resilience Fund, Inc. a way to finance climate resilience projects /  The NRF, Inc

Engage public/legislators/private industry to enact tax credits and provide financing subsidies for sustainability and resiliency projects.

Municipal adaptation strategy to climate change in Costa Rica /  UNA Team

Implementation of climate strategy at Municipal level by empowering and training local actors with focus on agriculture and water resources.

Future mangroves /  ppwong

Mangroves to address sea level rise and coastal erosion

Climate Change Adaptation Toolkit /  TransitionKW

A toolkit of actions that individuals and communities can take to adapt to the impacts of climate change in the Region of Waterloo.


COFA: Climate Optimized Fenestrations for Buildings in Developing Nations. /  Prof. Pradeep Kini

Climate adaptive energy conserving commercial building envelopes with analytical tool COFA:Climate Optimized Fenestration Assembly.

Improve Building Energy Performance: Green Job Skills Training / danielledahan

As high performance green buildings increase in complexity, technicians need the skills to maintain buildings and achieve energy goals.

Passive Architectural Design Index: A benchmark for passive building techniques /  sriraj

Unless ‘sufficiency’ is addressed with same rigour as ‘efficiency’, energy usage is inadvertently increased resulting in a rebound effect.

Green Spot Project: Creating Sustainability in the Spaces We Live /  TeamEnergyInformatix

Green Spot Project: informs with real-time data, empowers through participation, and greens your space by tracking positive progress

Communicating Coastal Risk and Reslience

The world according to CLIVE (CoastaL Impact Visualization Environment) /  UPEI/SFU C2C

CLIVE allows citizens to visualize 3D sea-level rise and storm surge scenarios at local community scales using past data and IPCC models

The King Tides Project: Snap the Shore, See the Future /  mpsaros

Educating, engaging, and empowering people to prepare for the future of sea level rise through citizen science and digital storytelling.

A collaborative solutions communication platform. /  @conserveaction

Solutions platform users collaboratively share adaptations to improve livelihoods & increase coastal Tanzanian’s climate change resilience.

Consumption of Products and Services

Normative: Scan your purchase, visualize your impact /  Normative Team

Normative is an app for ethical consumption. By scanning your purchase, Normative visualize its and your own impact on the world.

Grocery Carbon-Coloured Shelving /  hritchie

Design a coloured shelving system for grocery products based on carbon footprint,to help consumers make better-informed choices.

Food bikes: the low capital, low footprint alternative to food trucks /  The Food Bikery

Food bikes are the low capital, low footprint alternative to food trucks, bringing positive economic and community development.

Creating Public Demand for Green Buildings

LOOKINGFORWALLS Co-creating a strategy/platform to visibilize green properties /  VerdeUrbano Colombia

Create a real-estate platform backed by unexpected adds, optimized for searching and displaying green properties or potential ones.
LiveSMART/Green Pages: Inspires, activates, and connects thousands to their local green scene and actions that move the sustainable needle

Path To Zero – Transforming energy inefficient buildings to green buildings /  BAS Nederland

Bring cities to energy independence through carbon, energy and cost neutrality.

Crowdsourcing for Disaster Risk Management

We Are Ready (WAR) /  WAR

We Are Ready is a platform to crowd source disaster info, send disaster alerts, plan evacuation, track people & identify medical needs

“Save the Baby”
Global Data Commons for Baby Care
 /  Save the Baby 2.0

Save the Baby: Global Data Commons created by digitized maternal and infant health record for disaster risk management

Energy Supply

Compressing Wind: Wind turbines used to produce compressed air / BGK

A wind turbine that is free from intermittent fluctuations due to changing wind speeds while still extracting maximum power.

“Green Bond” Crowdfunding for Solar Projects /  Green for Green

Crowdfund up-front capital expenses for solar installations at qualified sites

Hydroponic Carbon Capture at Source (HCCAS) for Energy / gas2green

Power generation & industry is likely to continue to need fossil/bio-fuels for decades. HCCAS converts the CO2 to O2 AND makes food/biofuel.

Path To Zero – Energy Supply /  BAS Nederland

Bring cities to energy independence through carbon, energy and cost neutrality.

Turn your phone into a virtual power plant and get paid to optimize your energy. /  Ohmconnect

Pay people to use less electricity at key moments when their energy is coming from the grid’s most carbon-intensive power plants

Offshore Floating Nuclear Plant: How to Enable a Large Nuclear Energy Expansion /  MIT Floating Reactor

Offshore floating nuclear power plant concept achieves unprecedented levels of safety and economics, enabling massive nuclear energy growth


Utilizing Molecularly Imprinted Technology to Selectively Filter Pollutants /  alexkrotz

Molecular Imprinted Polymers present a unique oppurtunity to make inexpensive materials that selectivly bind to and filter pollutants.

STRAUT Aero: Solar Hot Air Generator /  STRAUT

#STRAUT AERO #Innovative design #solar hot air gen. massive potential 4 addressng industrial process heat req. #economic wthout subsidies

Land Use: Agriculture, Livestock & Forestry

Red Tree: Developing sustainable communities by growing productive ecosystems /  Green Feet

Red Tree Program: developing sustainable communities by growing productive ecosystems that deliver NTFPs and support carbon markets/SRIs

Synergies of Reforestation & Community Empowerment in Kenya /  Kijani

Reforestation as convergence of climate change mitigation and adaptation with socioeconomic well-being and ecological restoration.

Analog forestry: productive conservation to fight deforestation in the Amazon /  ArBio

Deforestation in the Peruvian Amazon? Time for a change, time for productive conservation with analog forestry!

The Eyes of Virunga: From Poacher to Protector /  Virunga Heroes

Come help us transform illegal charcoal makers into solar powered park rangers in the Virunga National Park in the DR Congo.

Global 4C: Managing Land for Carbon Sequestration with Smart Money /

Global 4C advocates a new source of global finance that can reward the bio-sequestration of carbon and the protection of biodiversity.

Shifting behavior for a changing climate

Fossil fuel divestment: Building a social movement for collective climate action /  Fossil Free MIT

Fossil fuel divestment campaigns shift public opinion, empower young organizers, and generate sociopolitical willpower for climate action.

Normative: Scan Your Purchase, Visualize Your Impact /  Normative Team

Normative is an app for ethical consumption. By scanning your purchase, Normative visualize its and your own impact on the world.

Visualizing climate-changed futures with serious play /  FutureCoast

FutureCoast: a fun storymaking game with voicemails leaked from climate-changed futures. They appear in our time as mysterious “chronofacts”

Small businesses – the sustainable route to change /  inBiz4good

Engaging small businesses: a sustainable route to change. Making the case that action on climate change is good for business and the planet.


Pledge To Drive Electric Vehicles and Install Electric Vehicle Charging Stations /  Electric Car Pledge

Marketing outreach to consumers and business owners. Help spread the word about the benefits of electric vehicles and charging stations.

Pollution meter /  shenba

Pollution prediction meter in automobiles & display panels over the roads + Emissions trading

Ship Roll Propulsion /  christaylor

Instantaneous synchronisation of vessel’s roll period to ocean wave frequency, efficiently harvesting wave energy for vessel’s propulsion

Batteries on the move for a more efficient world /  eRev

eRev finances V2G-capable electric vehicles so they provide grid storage, generate revenue, and cost less than tradtional vehicles.

U.S. Carbon Price

A rising fee on GHG emissions, with full dividend and border adjustments, will position the US to lead a global response to climate change.
Employing a new form of scalable regulation, we can launch a global cap-and-trade today that sidesteps politics and incentivizes the masses.

Insurance policy: Revenue-neutral carbon tax with global temperature indexation /  Richard Hobbs

A temperature-indexed, revenue-neutral carbon tax reduces distortionary taxes, deficit, pollution, and the risks posed by climate change.
We already have a carbon tax: existing gas and oil taxes. We give some political context for taking the first step on a carbon tax.

A Carbon Tax in Pro-Growth Fiscal Reform /  adelemorris

Use a carbon tax for pro-growth tax reform, protecting the poor, deficit reduction, and reducing less efficient policies.
Imposing fee equal to social cost of carbon on fuels from public lands would raise price, increasing demand for other sources, upping price

U.S. Government

Nuclear Energy = Clean Energy /  MIT Nukes

Development of a licensing process for advanced nuclear reactors will enable the rapid deployment of GigaWatt-scale clean nuclear energy.

USG Leadership on MBECS Developement/Demand and Within International Treaties /  Marine BECCS

USG agencies support for Marine Bio-Energy and Carbon Sequestration (MBECS) development/demand can be achieved through established programs.

Democratic Finance: Energy Of the People, By the People, For the People /  The Energy Commons

A people-funded green energy revolution that reconnects people to energy and repositions the US as a global leader

Urban Resilience: Climate Actions for Urban Areas

Bridge – A participatory platform facilitating urban resilience /  Urban Settlers

A knowledge sharing platform for local governments in India and engaging citizens in the decision-making to facilitate urban resilience

GreenUp – Engaging communities to build green & resilient cities in India /  senaditi

A crowdsourcing platform that provides funds and educational resources to encourage adoption of green infrastructure practices in cities.

Youth action on climate change

Climate Action Lab: Catalyzing Youth Organizing and Grassroots Leadership /  EJS organizing team

Join @SustainUS and youth activists to fight for climate justice through a 3-month organizing fellowship.

Climate Change is Elementary: Huge Green Fundraiser for Schools / davefinnigan0785

Kids promote the program. Vendors selling green products automatically give discounts to parents and rebates to PTAs for family purchases..

Indicators for Sustainability /  TierraVida

Building a youth-led citizen movement to address climate change from the bottom-up

Make Our Economic Reasoning Consistent with Intergenerational Justice /  timdamon

Empower youth to advocate for a just valuation of their future in the economics of climate change, thus unlocking ambitious climate action

Enhancing youth engagement in climate policy /  GreenBits Initiative

Enhancing youth engagement in climate policy through production of a fun, simple and easy to understand and use starterkit on climate action

Global plan  (voting began Sept. 12, 12:00 PM EDT)

Settle the carbon debt and release the power of example! /  jan-k

I suggest how to leave the dispute about historical responsibility for climate change behind and unleash the power of example.

Carbon-Free, Fast /  Dennis Peterson

An aggressive approach that doesn’t break the bank

Waste Management  (voting began Sept. 12, 12:00 PM EDT)


Cement Production is the 4th global fossil carbon emission activity and it´s time to reduce and recycle debris for healthy environment

CyclerApp – making recycling a social and collective effort. /  Winners Team

A social platform that helps motivates users to recycle more by tracking user progress with a point system, and giving reminders.

ECOSAN plan: getting dual benefits of recycling nutrients and water conservation /  ECOSAN Team of Nepal

ECOSAN: a water-conserving and nutrient-recycling system for collection and use of human urine and composted fecal matter in agriculture

Integrated bioenergy production from municipal wastewater stream /  In-N-Out WTE

Converting various wastes into biodiesel, electricity and heat at wastewater treatment plants to minimize waste disposal and GHG emission

Using Biogas Technology To Improve Sanitation And Mitigate Climate Change /  Tengeya

Uncontrolled greenhouse gas emission from sewage waste will be reduced by using simple technology like utilizing this waste in making biogas


The Judges in this contest have decided that the submitted proposals did not address the contest prompt sufficiently enough to warrant awarding Finalists or Winners.  See contest page for more details.