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Semi-Finalists Announced, Revision Period Now Open


Over the last few months, more than 500 people from across the globe submitted proposals to the 2014 Climate CoLab contests.  Proposals were innovative, bold and inspiring, and offered new approaches on how to tackle our most pressing climate change challenges.

Thank you to all proposal authors, to the Catalysts and members who helped them develop their entries, and to our brilliant contest Fellows and Judges for their hard work and dedication.

Each proposal was reviewed and considered against five judging criteria: novelty, workability, effectiveness, thoroughness, and presentation.

We are pleased to announce the Semi-Finalists for the following contests, as selected by the Judges to advance to the next round of review.  Semi-Finalists are displayed on the contest’s homepage.

Contests with a revision deadline of Saturday, August 16, 11:59 PM Eastern Time:

Adaptation to Climate Change
Communicating Coastal Risk and Resilience
Consumption of Products & Services
Creating public demand for green buildings
Crowdsourcing for Disaster Risk Management
Land Use
Shifting behavior for a changing climate
U.S. Carbon Price
U.S. Government
Urban Resilience

Contests with a revision deadline of Thursday, August 21, 11:59 PM Eastern Time:

Energy Supply
Waste Management
Youth Action

Semi-Finalists are yet to be announced for the Global Plan contest.

Revision Period Now Open

The announced Semi-Finalist proposals have been unlocked, and authors have until the dates listed above to revise their proposals for the final round of judging and public voting.  At midnight on that date, all proposals will be locked for editing and considered final.

We welcome the global community to support the Semi-Finalists by making suggestions on their Comment page during the revision period.

And then…

The revised proposals are reviewed in the second round of judging, which starts in late August.  The proposals that advance through this second round are named Finalists, and are eligible to win the Judges Choice Award, as well as the Popular Choice Award, which is determined through a public vote.  During the voting period, which will begin in early September and continue until late September, all are invited to come to the Climate CoLab and vote for the one Finalist proposal in each contest that they believe is the most promising*.

Proposal commenting and supporting (which is akin to a “Like” on Facebook) will be open throughout the judging periods.

Be sure to become a member to get updates on and participate in each of these phases.

*You must have a valid email to vote.  For more details about the voting period, see:

What do they win?

Both Judges Choice and Popular Choice winners will be connected with people who can support the implementation of their proposal, which may include policy makers, business executives, NGO and foundation officials, scientists, and others.  They will be recognized and publicized by the MIT Climate CoLab and invited to showcase their proposals at a conference held at MIT November 2014, where a $10,000 Grand Prize will be awarded. (See 2013 conference.)  Some contests have additional prizes given by the contest sponsor.

Miss the contest deadline? 

You can still enter and work on proposals outside of the contest periods in the Proposal Workspace.  When the next round of Climate CoLab contests open, you can move your proposal from here to any relevant contest.

Where did the other proposals go?

Contests have been advanced to the “Proposal revisions” phase, which only show the Semi-Finalist proposals.  To view all submitted proposals, click the “Semi-Finalist selection” phase at the top of the contest homepage.