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Webinar Review: How could a national price on carbon be implemented in the United States?


On Friday July 11th, the Climate CoLab’s Carbon price contest hosted a public webinar on the opportunities and challenges of the U.S. implementing a price on carbon dioxide emissions and other pollution.  Over 250 people registered for this event, from 35 different countries.

The webinar featured a lively conversation with the contest Advisors:

  • George P. Shultz, former U.S. Secretary of State;
  • Bob Inglis, former U.S. Representative (R-SC) and current Director of the Energy and Enterprise Initiative; and
  • Phil Sharp, former U.S. Representative (D-IN) and current President of Resources for the Future.

Leah Stokes, a Fellow of the Carbon Price contest and PhD and Masters student at MIT, moderated the discussion.

Catch the audio recording

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