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Fellow Spotlight: Simone Targetti Ferri


Today we feature Climate CoLab Fellow Simone Targetti Ferri after catching up with him about his involvement in the Land Use: Agriculture, Livestock & Forestry contest.

In December of 2013, Simone was on the lookout for a new career and in pursuit of fresh and exciting professional endeavors, this focus and zeal for developing solutions to climate change brought him to the Climate CoLab. Simone immediately identified Climate CoLab as a space to collaborate with other professionals in the field and problem solve using the talents of many.

2014 Fellow Simone Targetti Ferri

Here’s what Simone shared with us!:


Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I am a PhD student born in Rome and studied mostly in Italy with different experiences abroad. I spent six months in Budapest as an Erasmus student, two months in Helsinki for a summer scholarship program and seven months in Dublin thanks to the Leonardo da Vinci programme. After completing my International Relations Master’s degree in Rome, I moved to a small town close to Viterbo, the province’s capital, where I attended a second level master’s program. From there, I started my professional career with the Ministry for Environment in Italy before moving to Morocco to work with the Food and Agriculture Organization as project manager in the environmental protection and climate change department. At that time I started my PhD with the University of Potenza in environmental economics, linking carbon markets with primary sector industries; I will defend my PhD thesis at the end of this year. Nowadays I am living in Paris working as a trainee with the International Energy Agency (IEA) as an energy and climate change analyst. 

What drew you to participate in the Land Use: Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry contest?

My academic and professional backgrounds are strongly linked to primary sector industries and their role in climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies. That’s why I decided to apply for the forestry and agriculture contest. Even if this sector accounts for more than 30% of international GHG emissions, today, it presents enormous potential in terms of serving as a carbon sink. Many discussions still need to be undertaken, and so this contest will give us and all people involved the possibility to develop new ideas, to refine existing ones and to exchange skills and experiences concerning the LULUCF sector.


What are you enjoying most about being a Climate CoLab Fellow, and what do you look forward to as the year progresses?


Being a Fellow really means developing new and exciting contacts and friendships. I am really enjoying the new team, and colleagues are intriguing and proactive in their contributions. Our weekly meetings are always a great pleasure and a time when new ideas and research topics surface and are discussed. I feel more professionally inspired after these weekly calls. In the coming months, I really expect to deepen my knowledge in the field, to work more collaboratively and, why not, to one day meet with my colleagues and start a common project on climate and forestry.

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