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Spotlight: Popular Choice Award winner, turned contest author


Seasonal Migration Routes Identification System and Workshops: A New Strategy, a proposal submitted in the 2013 Urban Adaptation Contest, won Michaël Houle last year’s Popular Choice Award. Over the past year, Michaël has updated and improved upon his winning project, and plans to present it to an international organization by the end of this year.

“What I am enjoying the most about being a Fellow is reaching out to organizations, companies, and other relevant groups or individuals to pique their curiosity!”

The innovative and collaborative process of the Urban Adaptation Contest and the inspirational experience of the 2013 Crowds & Climate Conference compelled Michaël to propose running a contest on Crowdsourcing for Disaster Risk Management.   When it was selected by the Climate CoLab to be launched in 2014, he joined the contest team as a Fellow, and recruited other Fellows, Advisors and Judges from around the world.

In creating the Crowdsourcing for Disaster Risk Management contest, Michaël hopes to use the Climate CoLab platform as a way to generate solutions that increase information access and inclusion. Drawing from his city planning background, Michaël states, this contest has the potential to bring the general public into a field that has been, for too long, scientific-centric. It shows how important the public is for the development and implementation of disaster risk management strategies.”

Also adding, “No disaster risk management strategy can keep up with a rapidly changing disaster environment if the population is not included. Each and every single decision made by individuals in time of crisis defines the overall sequence of events. If the Crowdsourcing for Disaster Risk Management contest can help put forward at least one tool that has the potential to change one life, the goal I had envisioned while writing the contest proposal will be achieved.”

Crowdsourcing for Disaster Risk Management was recognized as one of two Climate CoLab contests in line with the White House Climate Data Initiative.

“The ability of the Climate CoLab to mobilize the crowd is impressive! I wanted to contribute to this dynamism by developing a specific contest that could show the full potential of crowdsourcing in terms of climate change adaptation,” Michaël said.

As a 2014 Fellow and former proposal winner, Michaël is enthusiastic about being a source of knowledge and guidance to new and interested participants of Climate CoLab, and strives to “transform interests into contributions!”