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Spotlight: Aiming High for Cleaner Energy Supplies


Alex Kwan, originally from San Francisco, joins the Climate CoLab for a second year as a Fellow for the exciting and active Energy Supply contest.

2014 Fellow Alex Kwan

We chatted with Alex to learn more about the inspiration behind his involvement in the Energy Supply contest and how he contributes to the development of climate change solutions through his career. Here’s what Alex had to share with us:

The impact of diversifying upstream supplies and the specter of resource depletion drew me to the Energy Supply contest. I’m motivated by the fact that China is literally swamped by heavy air pollution. Cleaner forms of energy mean clearer skies and water, necessities for sustainable development.

As a private equity investor in Asia Pacific, I make investments into a wide swath of industries, one of them being Cleantech. I’ve facilitated investments into the LED industry, electric car industry, and the solar industry.

As a Fellow, I enjoy learning about my peers and their motivations, and getting to proctor and review a wide range of proposals that prompt me to think more about the energy supply area and what investment opportunities exist in the space.

I hope that proposals are bold, yet quantitative in their assessments. Not every proposal needs to be immediately doable, but some grounding in reality is important as well. That being said, we need to shoot high in order to find new solutions and to make low-hanging fruit even lower.


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