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Calling all proposals!


What actions should be taken to address climate change?

After the 2012/2013 contests closed, many of you wrote to us saying you wanted to continue working on proposals you had submitted.  Now you can!

Submit your proposal in the 2014 Workspace and share it with members across the globe.

In this open forum, you can try out new ideas, connect with other members, recruit collaborators, share your work, engage support, and invite a global community to review and help develop your proposal.  Once the 2014 round of contests are opened, you can move your proposal into contests you would like to enter.

What climate change challenge do we most need solutions to?

Suggest a contest you’d like to see during the Climate CoLab’s 2014 round of activities.  Just like proposals, you’ll be able to comment and collaborate on contest suggestions, as well as show your support for the ones you think we should run.

Ideas of any kind are welcome:
Technologies, policies, products, public outreach campaigns, educational programs, community projects; new ideas or improvements on something that already exists; addressing climate change mitigation, adaptation, or geoengineering; local, regional, national, or global in scope.
See the What, Where, Who taxonomy, which lists all the possible actions, places and actors that can be involved in addressing climate change.