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Spotlight: Mission 2030 founder nominated for "Amazing People Award" after winning Climate CoLab contest


Renee Gratton of the Construction Resource Initiatives Council (based out of the Ottawa, Canada) has been working on the Mission 2030 intiative since 2007.  The industry’s interest in her project rose significantly after her proposal, Mission 2030 – Zero Construction Renovation Demolition Waste to Landfill by 2030 won in the Climate CoLab’s Waste Management contest.  Here’s what she had to say:

CRI Council logo     Renee Gratton

CRI Council logo, and founder Renee Gratton

We heard about the contests from a friend who was working with the Climate CoLab.  She thought Mission 2030 would make a good proposal, and so we submitted an entry.

As we prepared our proposal, the questions the Climate CoLab asked of us — as well as the feedback from the Judges — really made us focus on clarifying our message for the general public.

By far the best thing to benefit from the competition was our project’s credibility.  It helped the CRI Council capture the attention with people who had not yet noticed what we were doing.

Here’s an example: A woman got so taken by Mission 2030, she started a jewelry collection named after the initiative to help us raise money.  She recently nominated me for the CTV-Ottawa Amazing People Award and I got selected as a finalist.  Amazingly enough, she said it was the fact that I was a winner in the MIT Climate CoLab that influenced her to nominate me.  This is important.  This media attention will open new doors we haven’t been able to open for the last 3 years. 

A woman got so taken by Mission 2030’s win in the MIT Climate CoLab that she nominated me for the CTV-Ottawa Amazing People Award and I got selected as a finalist.

It’s interesting to see the ripple effects of stepping outside the industry and engaging with the public.  We are getting more and more requests to present everywhere around the world (though I am not sure if some are influenced by the contest; it is still very recent).  I will say though that I am taking advantage of being named a winner by MIT — I am putting it on some of our outreach materials, and am confident that it will influence those considering us for speaking at conferences or sponsorship

Over all, it has been an excellent experience.

Mission 2030 is the first important initiative by the Construction Resource Initiatives Council (CRI Council) — a non-profit, non-partisan, and building industry professionals led organization.  It was founded to create an integrated body of knowledge, and change the way building industry views and deals with waste and resources.

CTV-Ottawa will announce the winners of the Amazing People Award on February 22, 2014.

Meet founder Renee Gratton when she presents at our Crowds & Climate Conference, Nov 6-8 #MITcc.  You can also connect with her and Mission 2030 on their website, Facebook, and via Twitter @CRICouncil.