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Voting is Now Open!


The finalist proposals have been critiqued, revised, and approved by experts from around the world. Now we’re looking to you to tell us which should be sent to the top.

From August 1 until August 31, 2013, Climate CoLab members and the public are invited to cast their votes for the proposals that they would most like to see implemented. The proposal with the most votes in each contest will win the Popular Choice Award, and will be invited to present in person or via video to key implementers at our Crowds and Climate Conference on November 6 & 7 on the MIT campus. Along with the Judges Choice winners, they will also get a chance to win the $10,000 Grand Prize!

How to Vote

Voting is free and easy — all you need to do is login to the Climate CoLab website and select the “Vote for proposal” button on the proposal page. You are given one vote per contest, and may change your vote as many times as you wish until midnight EDT on August 31. Remember: “Supports” do not become “Votes” — Finalists, make sure your supporters vote for you!  (All voting is subject to the Climate CoLab’s Voting rules.)

Vote Now!
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Spread the Word

You’ll notice that we’ve extended the voting period from two weeks to one month. This is to give you even more time to discuss, debate, select, and share your favorite proposals with the world.

We love to see emails, tweets, posts, pins, and Google +1’s about proposals! Include us in the conversation by adding our Twitter and Facebook hashtag #climatevote in your posts and tag us @ClimateCoLab (our Facebook tag has a space between the two words: @Climate CoLab). For more information and guidance about sharing proposals over social media, check out our Social Media Guide.

Go to the Climate CoLab now to select your favorite proposal in each contest, and invite your friends, colleagues, readers, fans and followers to vote, too!