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Finalist Results Announced!


Over the past two weeks the Climate CoLab Fellows and Judges read and considered each of the 374 submitted proposals, and selected finalists in each of the 18 contest categories.  The proposals were creative, novel, and well thought-out, and so it was a difficult task.  Thank you to all who submitted!

Until July 15, 2013, Finalists for most contests  are invited to revise their proposals and add collaborators before the final round of judging and the voting period.  Due to delays in selection and notification of Finalists, the Judges have extended the revision deadline to June 20 for selected contests, listed below.

We are proud to announce the finalists for the 2012/2013 round of contests:

Contests with revision deadline of July 15

Urban Adaptation: Climate Resilient Cities

Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking)

Shifting Cultures for a Changing Climate

Enabling Adaptation

Local Solutions

Adaptation and Civil Society Groups


Profitably Reducing Emissions from Cement

Contests with revision deadline of July 18

Reducing Consumption

Contests with revision deadline of July 20

Agriculture and Forestry

Scaling Renewables in Major Emerging Economies

Building Efficiency

Replacing Diesel Generation

Waste Management

Transportation Efficiency

Industrial Efficiency

Contests with revision deadline of July 23

Electric Power Sector

Other contests

Fossil Fuel Sector
After review of the entries, the Judges in the Fossil fuel sector contest have chosen not to advance any to the next round. While the entries presented interesting ideas, the Judges deemed the challenges associated with implementing those ideas as being too great to warrant further development of the proposals.