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Deadline Extended for Select Contests


Finalists in most contests had a deadline of Monday July 15, 11:59:59 PM EDT.

Selection and notification of the Finalists was delayed for several contests, and so for the contests listed below, the Finalist revision deadlines have been extended:

Thursday July 18, 11:59:59 PM EDT:

  • Reducing consumption

Saturday July 20, 11:59:59 PM EDT:

  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Building Efficiency
  • Replacing Diesel Generation
  • Scaling Renewables in Major Emerging Economies
  • Waste Management
  • Transportation Efficiency
  • Industrial Efficiency

Tuesday July 23, 11:59:59 PM EDT:

  • Electric Power Sector

Finalists have until the stated deadlines to revise their proposals. After then, all proposals will be locked, before final review by the Judges and then voting by the community.

Finding proposals and joining teams

Where’s my proposal?  Contests have been migrated to the “Proposal revisions” phase, which only show the Finalist proposals. To view all submitted proposals, click the “Finalist selection” tab at the top of the contest page.

Be added to a team!  If you would like to added as a collaborator to a proposal, you can send the authors a request on the Collaborators tab of their proposal page.

After proposal revision? Selection of winners

After the revision deadline, the Judges will do a second round of evaluation to make sure the Finalists addressed the comments raised in the initial review. Approximately a week later,  proposals that have made it through this second review will be posted, and the Climate CoLab community will be able to vote for the ones they would most like to see implemented.

We’ll give two awards for each contest: Popular Choice, for the proposal receiving the most votes, and  Judges’ Choice, selected by the Judges.

Winners of all contests will be invited to present their proposals and meet potential implementers at our Crowds & Climate Conference on November 6-7 at MIT.  At the conference — which will feature leading climate change experts, key decision-makers, and innovative thinkers from the general public — one of the winning proposals will be chosen as the Grand Prize winner and be awarded $10,000!

Thanks everyone, and we’ll post our next blog once voting begins!