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Climate CoLab used in MIT class


On October 22, 2012, Thomas W. Malone, John Sterman, Jason Jay, and Robert Laubacher of MIT led a Sloan Innovation Period (SIP) class entitled “The Climate CoLab: Working with People from All Over the World to Address Climate Change.”

In the class, students:

  • generated a series of initial ideas for selected Climate CoLab contests,
  • voted on the ones they liked best, and
  • created proposals in the CoLab based on the top-ranked ideas.

The ideas developed during the initial brainstorming sessions have been posted in the discussions for the relevant contests:

Three draft proposals were created during the session:

The students were enthusiastic about the Climate CoLab, and many of the ideas developed showed real potential. One group even thought a concept they’d hatched had potential to become a start-up company.

Climate CoLab members are invited to check out the initial ideas developed in the class and start their proposals based on them or  join the teams that posted draft proposals.

If CoLab members would be interested in a virtual version of this type of brainstorming/proposal development session, please send a message to Rob Laubacher.