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Climate CoLab project enters new phase


After running contests on global climate diplomacy in 2010 and the green economy in 2011, the Climate CoLab project is entering a new phase that will feature a larger number of more highly focused contests.

New approach enabled by new site design

We are happy to unveil our new approach, enabled by a new design for the Climate CoLab site, developed in collaboration with the Boston-based firm, Moth Design.

A key new feature is the What, Where, Who taxonomy to organize site activities. These terms refer to:

  • What action will be taken to address climate change
  • Where the action will take place
  • Who will take action

This taxonomy is a tool for breaking up the large, complex problem of climate change into a series of more manageable sub-problems.

The Contest Page will feature a larger number of contests, each addressing a key sub-problem. Five contests will kick off the Climate CoLab’s new approach.

After the community develops proposals to address these (and other) sub-problems, a subsequent round of activity will invite broad, integrated proposals.

We are also excited to announce the CoLab Advisors and Fellows, who will guide contest activity and provide feedback to proposal writers.

Future contests

Over the next few months, we plan to launch additional contests to cover the What dimension of the taxonomy in a comprehensive way. To learn more, you can consult a description of future plans for contests.

The contests launched this year will run through early 2013, with the winners invited to present their proposals at an event at MIT in the spring or summer of 2013.

Do you have an idea for a contest? If so, go to the main contest page and click on Suggest a new contest.

Climate CoLab seeks additional support

The Climate CoLab has been generously supported by many sponsors and collaborating organizations.

We now seek additional support from companies, government agencies, foundations, and individuals to enhance our technology platform, expand the worldwide community of contributors and experts, and convene community meetings.

You can learn more here or to explore specific sponsorship opportunities, contact Bob Halperin, Executive Director, MIT Center for Collective Intelligence,