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Climate CoLab membership reaches 1000


The Climate CoLab saw its 1000th member register for the site on November 5, 2010.

Membership has grown rapidly over the past month since the launch of the Climate CoLab’s 2010 contest.

When the contest started, on October 1, the Climate CoLab had 512 members.

At 5:00 pm GMT on November 5, there were 1002 members.

A panel of experts is currently judging the 29 proposals entered in the 2010 contest.

The finalists selected by the judges will be announced on November 8, and members of the Climate CoLab will be invited to vote on the proposal they prefer until November 26.

At least two winners will be selected:

  • Proposal chosen by the experts
  • Proposal that receives the most votes from Climate CoLab members

If there are additional proposals of high quality, other winners may also be selected.

The winning proposals will be presented at briefings to the United Nations and the United States Congress.

Travel expenses will be paid for one representative from each winning team to attend one or both of these briefings.